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Zero Six


Multi-Family Residential
New Construction
14,760 SF
Philadelphia, PA: Allegheny West

This development is comprised of six single-family townhomes a short stroll from Philadelphia’s Laurel Hill Cemetery. Grounded by a red brick base with slate cladding above, these homes borrow elements from their historic surroundings while positing a climate change adapted future.  A three-story mansard roof distorts one’s perception of height as floor locations are blurred. These townhomes front a narrow, human-scaled woonerf, or living street, bereft of curbs, rife with plantings, and paved with the reclaimed brick of past structures on site. A solar array allows the Zero Six to obtain zero energy.


Passive House (PHIUS)+ Source Zero Energy Pre-certification

Zero Six | Phius Certification

Building Geometry:

Surface Area to Volume Ratio: 0.17 sf/cf

Heat Loss Form Factor: 2.31


Performance Metrics:

Predicted Energy Use Intensity (pEUI): -1.87 kBtu/sf/yr

Source Energy Use: 3,789 kWh/Person yr

Site Energy Use: 10.75 kBtu/sf/yr

Airtightness (target): 0.94 ACH50 / 0.06 CFM50/sf envelope area


Building Envelope:

Slab On Grade: R-18

Above Grade Walls: R-37

Soffit Above Carport: R-49

Roof: R-60

Windows: Average SHGC 0.35, average U-Value 0.2

Exterior Doors: R-8


Building Systems:

Power / Fuel Source(s): All electric

Renewable Energy: Rooftop solar PV (47.6 kW system size)

Heating & Cooling: (2) Compact air treatment units per home

Domestic Hot Water: (1) Heat pump water heater per home

Appliances: Energy-Star

LED lighting

(1) EV ready off street parking space per home

Home battery (buyer option)

Project Team:

Developer + Builder: Argo Property Group

Energy Modeler & CPHC: Holzraum (Ilka Cassidy)

Energy Verifier: DSB Energy

Structural Engineer: Structure Labs

MEP Engineer: J+M Engineering

Civil Engineer: Ruggiero Plante

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