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Mixed Use: Multi-Family Residential & Commercial
New Construction
40,000 SF
Philadelphia: Kingsessing

This 4-story, 37-unit apartment building will be one of the first projects to utilize Philadelphia’s newly enacted Mixed Income Housing Density Bonus.  Also employing a Green Roof Density Bonus, Wade Flats strategically navigates the district’s zoning regulations to yield a well-rounded mix of density, sustainability, and affordability. The project team collaborated with local artist Erin Murray on the design of the building’s distinct color-blocked façade. Composed as a conceptual representation of Pennsylvania’s watershed network, these patterned fiber cement panels bring a playful vibrancy to the streetscape.  At the sidewalk, ample glazing, linearly staggered brick and planted greenery create a rich commercial and pedestrian experience.



Building Geometry

Heat Loss Form Factor: 1.00


Building Envelope

Slab On grade: R-8
Below Grade Walls: R-15
Above Grade Walls: R-21
Roof: 51.4


Building Systems

Power / Fuel Source(s): All electric
Stormwater Management: Extensive Green Roof

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