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Mixed Use: Multi-Family Residential & Commercial
New Construction
40,000 SF
Philadelphia: East Falls

Located outside of Philadelphia’s central urban district, this 36-unit mixed-use development-- 36 residential + 4 commercial units-- is situated on a steeply sloped, converging hillside. As a means to preserve the site’s existing natural features and permeable landscape, the design leaves half of the parcel undeveloped. At the street, the building’s commercial base emerges as an extension of the topography and is clad in an undulating ribbon of weathering steel – a modern interpretation of the resilient, patina-covered Wissahickon Schist found throughout the region. Above, a simple wedge-shaped box perches above this dynamic landscape. Its corrugated cladding expresses the street's subtle curve with the day’s changing light, while a repetitious series of punched openings emphasize its efficient network of all electric living modules.

The Vale diagram


Building Geometry

Heat Loss Form Factor: 1.14

Building Envelope

Slab On Grade: R-10

Below Grade Walls: R-15

Above Grade Walls: R-23 / R-30

Roof: R-54

Building Systems

Power/Fuel Source(s): All electric

Energy recovery ventilation

LED lighting



Photography: Sam Oberter

Aerial Photography: WeFilmPhilly

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