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Multi-Family Residential
New Construction
19,300 SF
Philadelphia: Fishtown

This development comprises eight single-family homes composed as a series of homogeneous, shifting cubic volumes. Site constraints eliminated the potential for rear yards, creating an opportunity to incorporate outdoor space elsewhere. The design steps back from the street-facing edge to establish courtyards in front of each unit. Here, an undulating brick wall, composed of salvaged material from the site’s previous building wraps the property as an amalgamation of the stoops and porches that fill the neighborhood. This open space works in unison with the vacant lot across the site to create a communal and expanded ‘front yard.’

Riverside Row diagram

Project Stats

Building Geometry: Heat Loss Form Factor: 1.70

Building Envelope

Slab On Grade: R-10
Above Grade Walls: R-25
Roof: R-49, R-72
Windows: Average SHGC 0.40, average U-Value .32


Project Team: 

Builder: Red Oak Development
Structural Engineer: Structure Labs 
Civil Engineer: Ruggiero Plante Land Design

Photography: Sam Oberter

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