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Passive George Rendering


Multi-Family Residential
New Construction
3,200 SF
Philadelphia, PA: Francisville

These two single-family passive rowhomes on the edge of Philadelphia’s Francisville neighborhood maximize the area of their small lots and create a distinct impression against the neutral exteriors of adjacent development. Borrowing from established quilting practices, the blue terracotta cladding of the primary facade is complimented by the materials which weave and bound its edges.

​Passive George is intended to be perceived as one building. Windows are sized and placed in response to the interior use on each floor and mirrored to reinforce the exterior expression. The main entry and electric vehicle parking space are tucked strategically under the upper levels to provide protection from the elements. A solar array allows the project to take aim for zero energy use.

Passive George sketch

Project Stats

Passive House: Targeting Phius CORE Prescriptive Certification

Building Geometry

Heat Loss Form Factor: 2.22


Performance Metrics

Predicted Energy Use Intensity (pEUI): 3.3 kBtu/sf/yr

Site Energy Use: 23 kBtu/sf/yr

Airtightness (target): 0.04 CFM50/sf envelope area


Building Envelope

Slab On Grade: R-18

Above Grade Walls: R-35 min.

Soffit Above Carport: R-55 min.

Roof: R-60 min.

Windows: U-Value 0.14, SHGC 0.4 approx.


Building Systems

Power / Fuel Source(s): All electric

Renewable Energy: Rooftop solar PV (9.6 kW system size)

EV ready off street parking space per home

Project Team

Architect: Bright Common

Developer: Alejandro Franqui & Deborah Solo, Solo Real Estate

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