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Multi-Family Residential
New Construction
19,000 SF
Philadelphia, PA: Fishtown

This mixed-use project, with sixteen residential units and one commercial unit, is located on a street-to-street lot in Philadelphia. Its primary front faces Fishtown’s main thoroughfare and contains a commercial tenant. Its secondary front faces a small alley and contains residential unit entries, plantings and lighting to activate a currently underused street. La Marceline’s exterior is an expression of the neighborhood — a fish-scale, natural, diamond slate that shields a pink interior courtyard. The design is modeled with an embodied carbon footprint of 99,194 lbs eCO2e, using industry standard materials, compared to an original modeled baseline of 581,287 eCO2e. Efficient heating and cooling systems and a future rooftop PV solar array are utilized to reduce the project’s operational carbon.

Exerior Redesign La Marcilene


Building Geometry

Heat Loss Form Factor: 1.6

Building Envelope

Slab On Grade: R-10
Below Grade Walls: R-15
Above Grade Walls: R
Roof: R-55


Building Systems

Power / Fuel Source(s): All electric
Renewable Energy: Rooftop solar
Heating & Cooling: Mini-split heat pumps
Ventilation: E
nergy recovery ventilator
Appliances: Energy-Star
LED lighting

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