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Mixed Use: Commercial and Affordable Housing
New Construction
2,885 SF
Philadelphia: Kensington

This infill, mixed-use project is the first new construction venture by Kensington Corridor Trust, an emerging nonprofit organization set up to create a safe, prosperous, and inclusive Kensington corridor through the purchase, activation and long-term preservation of storefronts and commercial properties along Kensington Avenue.  Over time, the entity will be controlled by the community, thus creating Philadelphia's first Neighborhood Trust.  Featuring a bio-voltaic roof (rooftop solar PV panels and an extensive green roof system) and plant based building materials, the project is pursuing the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Homes program, with a focus on indoor air quality and energy efficiency.



Building Geometry

Heat Loss Form Factor: 2.37
Window to Wall Ratio: 16

Building Metrics

Predicted Energy Use Intensity (pEUI): 100 kBtu/sf/yr (as designed)
Predicted Embodied Carbon (modeled): 105 CO2e

Building Envelope

Above Grade Walls: R-20.3
Crawl Space Floor: R-39.6
Roof: R-58

Building Systems

Power / Fuel Source(s): All electric
Renewable Energy: Solar PV
Stormwater Management: Extensive Green Roof
Heating & Cooling: Air-source heat pump
Ventilation: Energy Recovery Ventilator
Hot Water: Heat-pump water heater
Appliances: Energy-Star
LED lighting

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