Pickle Factory

Completed 2014

ABOUT | This 1880’s warehouse turned live-work studio for a fine arts photographer and family respects its industrial origins while focusing squarely on adaptable design. With hyper-efficient dovetailed energy & envelope systems the project achieved a HERS rating of 34 and infiltration rate of 1.97 ACH50.

SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES | Adaptive reuse of an old industrial building | Building is located within 1/4 mile of multiple public transportation stops and a major commercial and arts corridor | Near-Zero Energy Retrofit which greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions and is very inexpensive to operate | Superinsulated and airsealed construction: R25 walls, R60 roof, Airtightness = 1.97 ACH50 | 4 kW Solar (photovoltaic) panel array | Natural daylight and ventilation provided by 2-story operable skylight space | High efficiency air-to-air heat pump | Energy Recovery Ventilation | Energy Star appliances | Low-flow plumbing fixtures

Builder: Wooden Box
Photography: Jaime Alvarez
Energy Rater: David Berg