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Multi-Family Residential
Adaptive Reuse & New Construction
19,300 SF
Philadelphia, PA: Brewerytown

This project transforms a crumbling milk depot into a seventeen-unit multi-family development. After carefully investigating the existing structure to determine which components could be salvaged and revitalized, the team utilized an existing one-story concrete podium as a generator for the proposed intervention.  The design inserts residential units beneath this relic, leaving existing raw materials exposed within, while a composition of metal-clad additions perch atop the former structure.  These new volumes vary in height and proportion to resemble the assemblage of an urban block.  The overall building unfolds around a central courtyard hidden from the street, offering private outdoor space for each unit.

GIF_playful boxes.gif



Building Geometry:

Heat Loss Form Factor: 1.45

Building Envelope:

Slab On Grade: R-10

Below Grade Walls: R-15

Above Grade Walls: R-21

Roof: R-48

Windows: Average SHGC 0.40, average U-Value 0.35

Project Team: 

Developer: Argo Property Group

Builder: Tester Construction Group

Structural Engineer: Larsen & Landis

MEP Engineer: Hutec Engineering & Consulting 

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