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Mixed Use Commercial: Artisan Studios, Maker-spaces, Offices, Assembly

Adaptive Reuse 
120,000 SF 
Philadelphia, PA: Kensington

Built in 1910 for the Richardson Mint Company and later utilized by a textile retailer, this  post industrial relic is now home to a thriving community of industrial artists.  Embracing the building’s shifting identity, the project utilizes arts as a generator for community engagement and redevelopment.  The design approach balances past and present, employing existing architectural features to frame spaces for innovative makers.  The facility includes over 50 studios, a 500 person event space and a programmable rooftop with views to the skyline.  Once a container for production, Maken North is now a vibrant village of artists and entrepreneurs; an integral part of the city’s flourishing cultural movement. 


MaKen North

Project Team:

Developer: Shift Capital

Structural Engineer: Larsen & Landis 

Photography: Dave Apple

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