Multi-Family Residential

New Construction & Retrofit 
19,000 SF
Philadelphia, PA: Kensington

This fourteen-unit, multi-family development consists of two opposing buildings that share a central courtyard. Located on a street-to-street parcel, the project was developed in two phases. Phase one began with the restoration and addition to a nineteenth century rowhome, while phase two focused on the construction of a new structure at the rear of the property.  The architect encouraged the owner to abandon initial plans of demolishing the existing structure and instead use the home as a generator for meaningful development.  Outside of resolving the technical challenges between these intra-generational buildings (floor levels, structural systems), the design team also worked to understand the shared abstract relationships.  Incorporating formal elements into the modern addition like a covered grocer’s alley and arched façade motifs, the project illustrates the value of preserving Philadelphia’s rich history and using it as a catalyst for regeneration.


Builder: Red Oak Development

Structural Engineer: Larsen & Landis

MEP Engineer: Hutec Engineering & Consulting 

Landscape Designer: Apiary Studio

Photography: Dave Apple