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Multi-Family Residential

Adaptive Reuse
6,000 SF
Philadelphia, PA: Fishtown

A former Methodist Church constructed in the 1800’s, this stone monolith fell into the hands of homeowners who resolved to preserve an important piece of Philadelphia’s diverse cultural fabric.  Over time the owners carefully transformed the neglected structure into a home and photography studio.  The design intervention focuses on reimagining the second-floor sanctuary through a conceptual interpretation of its former vocation.  The nave, an area once populated by the parish, remains dedicated for communal use; here a sparse composition provides a flexible framework for living, dining and entertaining.  The altar, formerly an area of devotional focus, is retained as the dwelling’s sacred core: a wood-fired hearth anchors a two-level study, lined with the homeowners’ collection of books, art and treasured artifacts.  House Church aims to preserve the remains of its unique past while adapting to the needs of its present congregation.

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