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Mixed Use: Multi-Family Residential & Commercial 
19,800 SF
Philadelphia, PA: Old Kensington

This fourteen-unit mixed-use project is modeled as a microcosm of Philadelphia’s urban fabric.  Mimicking the language of a changing city, its three elevations are conceived as archetypes of the surrounding context; each with a distinct and separate “front”.  The shortest volume, a three-story brick box, faces a small residential street as a modern conception of the row home.  On the south side, the building is broken into distinct metal-clad volumes, perforated with an assortment of openings.  This variegated, yet studied composition echoes the calico development of the city’s infill construction.  The tallest volume, a four-story metal box, faces a commercial corridor and elevated rail. Nodding to Philadelphia’s arts history, a mural covers the facade; this nearly windowless elevation is gracefully punctuated with arched openings at the sidewalk to create an inviting storefront for passing pedestrians.

Project Team:
Facade Artist: Carla Weeks 

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