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Mixed Use Master Plan: Agricultural, Educational, Cultural

Adaptive Reuse & New Construction
144 Acres
Afton, VA

This masterplan transforms a rural permaculture farm into a cultural center at the intersection of living, growing and education. Phase One of Far Afield’s reimagines two unique earth-sheltered structures designed in the 1980s by local modernist legend James Speed Tuley. The Nautilus and an adjacent crescent-shaped workshop will become the ideological core of the complex; a space for examining art, poetry, ecology and Jewish studies.  These buildings and the surrounding landscape will cultivate the exchange of ideas across generations. Future phases will support the development of the center’s permaculture based agricultural operation as well as provide worker housing and other ancillary structures.  Through a multi-part, integrated charrette process following tenets of the Living Building Challenge, this net-positive campus forges a regenerative path in a post-integrity world.

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