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Lifecycle Assessment Study, Commercial Fit-outs

Adaptive Reuse
Scattered Site
Philadelphia, PA: Fishtown

This multi-year project aims at supporting Circle of Hope’s efforts to lower their carbon footprint through a life cycle assessment and to amplify the church’s efforts to “reclaim the call of peacemaking within the context of the climate crisis as part of the gospel and Christian faith”.  Large focus included visioning and design services for multiple properties: four congregational worship spaces, two thrift stores and a nonprofit counseling center.  The team not only provided programming, space planning and exterior design services but also facilitated construction work by community members in a volunteering capacity.  Extending the church’s ideals of faith and community, the designers headed a community solar initiative- helping parishioners to engage local agencies in outfitting their private properties with solar power.

Project Team:
Developer: Circle of Hope

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