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Mixed Use: Residential & Commercial
Adaptive Reuse
3,500 SF
Philadelphia, PA: East Parkside

Working to create a replicable model for redevelopment and resiliency within their community, Centennial Parkside CDC obtained a shuttered property in a once-thriving commercial corridor to house their headquarters and a single-family, affordable housing unit. In addition to providing flexible program space for the CDC’s core initiatives of facilitating affordable housing, promoting homeownership, developing Black owned businesses, providing food education, and establishing a community solar network, CPCDC used their building as a test case for broader neighborhood implementation. The team explored a wide range of low carbon, energy efficient strategies while prioritizing opportunities for local hiring and minority workforce development. The resulting design blends technical solutions with community touchstones.



Building Envelope:

Slab On Grade: R-7.2

Above Grade Walls: R-21 / R-25.5

Roof: R-47.4

Project Team:

Developer: Centennial Parkside CDC

Structural Engineer: Larsen & Landis

Builder: Black Hammer Contracting

Owner's Representative: Community Ventures 

Energy Verifier: New Ecology

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