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Zero Six


Multi-Family Residential
New Construction
14,760 SF
Philadelphia: Allegheny West

This development is comprised of six single-family townhomes a short stroll from Philadelphia’s Laurel Hill Cemetery. Grounded by a red brick base with slate cladding above, these homes borrow elements from their historic surroundings while positing a climate change adapted future. A three-story mansard roof distorts one’s perception of height as floor locations are blurred. These townhomes front a narrow, human-scaled woonerf, or living street, bereft of curbs, rife with plantings, and paved with the reclaimed brick of past structures on site. Each home within the Zero Six development has been modeled to achieve Net Zero Energy with a planned rooftop solar photovoltaic canopy.


Phius CORE 2021Design Certfied (Database Listing)

Building Geometry:

Surface Area to Volume Ratio: 0.17 sf/cf

Heat Loss Form Factor: 2.31


Performance Metrics:

Predicted Energy Use Intensity (pEUI): -1.87 kBtu/sf/yr

Source Energy Use: 3,789 kWh/Person yr

Site Energy Use: 10.75 kBtu/sf/yr

Airtightness (target): 0.94 ACH50 / 0.06 CFM50/sf envelope area


Building Envelope:

Slab On Grade: R-18

Above Grade Walls: R-37

Soffit Above Carport: R-49

Roof: R-60

Windows: Average SHGC 0.35, average U-Value 0.2

Exterior Doors: R-8


Building Systems:

Power / Fuel Source(s): All electric

Renewable Energy: Rooftop solar PV (47.6 kW system size)

Heating & Cooling: (2) Compact air treatment units per home

Domestic Hot Water: (1) Heat pump water heater per home

Appliances: Energy-Star

LED lighting

(1) EV ready off street parking space per home

Home battery (buyer option)

Project Team:

Developer + Builder: Argo Property Group

Energy Modeler & CPHC: Holzraum (Ilka Cassidy)

Energy Verifier: DSB Energy

Structural Engineer: Structure Labs

MEP Engineer: J+M Engineering

Civil Engineer: Ruggiero Plante

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