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Hill House


Single Family Residential
New Construction
5,100 SF
Holmdel, NJ

Embedded in a steep hill, this Passive House is built entirely from insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) used to buttress the surrounding landscape. The rear of the building is wedged into the earth while the southeastern walls are exposed to the sun. Large glazing at living spaces and ample exterior decks take advantage of morning and midday solar gain. The careful consideration for solar orientation is accentuated by a roof-mounted PV array, offsetting the project’s minimal energy use. Designed for the homeowner to age-in-place, Hill House makes use of same-level living and sleeping, no-step entries, and gracious support spaces. The plan also includes integrated, yet private accommodations for multiple family generations to live beneath a single roof.


Passive House (PHIUS)+ Source Zero Energy Precertification

Building Metrics:

Predicted Energy Use Intensity: -1.95 kBtu/yr/sf 


Building Envelope:

Slab On Grade: R-33

Below Grade Walls: R-43

Above Grade Walls: R-43

Roof: R-60

Building Systems:

Power / Fuel Source(s): All electric

Renewable Energy: Rooftop solar PV (20 kW system size)
Energy recovery ventilation

Appliances: Energy-Star

Project Team:

Energy Modeler & Consultant: Tight Bild 

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